Totally Girl-Crushing! Is Katya Miro The Most Beautiful Insta-Girl Ever?

There are so many beautiful people on Instagram, but let’s be honest, so many of them are interchangable. So when we came across Katya Miro in the Explore Section our hearts skipped a beat immediately. We’ve been enchanted!


The model from Russia is 23 years old and that’s all we really know about the pretty gal. No problem for us though, she already captivates us with her big blue eyes without elaborate background check.


On her account Katya is mostly posting selfie-like pics. The high quality, the special filter and the aesthetics give her photos an extremely professional look and feel. These perfect eyebrows, these cute freckles – sigh! One thing is for sure, much make-up is really not needed when it comes to this natural beauty! Not to forget the delicate nose piercing that makes her additionally stand out from all the other Insta models.


Alrighty then, we’re outta here gushing at Katyas feed, totally girl crushing!