In Summer AND Winter: Pleated Skirts For The Win

For everyone who loves to spend all their money on their closet it’s a big advantage, when a piece is not just good to wear during one weather situation. The cash feels so much better spend, when the piece can be easily combined with all the other stuff you have. And here we have a great allrounder for you: pleaded skirts!

Skirts cannot just be worn in summer with naked legs and crop tops. In the last –
very frosty weeks – we’ve seen so many pleaded skirts flooding our Instagram feeds in all sorts of colors and lengths.


No matter whether you like it short or midi – take a dip in the paintbox! You can find earthly and dark shades, but if you wanna do it like the international fashionistas you should go for bold and patterned.


The short version is best combined with a chunky sweater and overknees. If you go for the midi option wear it with sneakers or the currently hyped high-heel and socks combination.


The two best friends of pleaded skirts are by the way our good old pal the hoodie and of course belt-bags.