Stolen From Granny: String Bags Are The New It-Accessory

Do you remember those old fashion string bags, that probably every granny used for her grocery shopping? Well, exactly those are now as trendy as cloth, Ikea and basket bags used to be. 

We do have to smirk about certain styles sometimes – it happened for example, when string bags where declared the new it-bags. Actually they are used to transport fruits, veggies and milk. But there are more and more blogger ladies, who integrate them these days in their looks and thereby make them fashions new trend accessory. And we have to admit: At second glance we totally understand the hype about the cut-out pieces.


They are simple, feather-light and have a very special optic because of their mesh design, which makes probably every outfit shine. The new exemplars slay with bright colors, are sustainable and the perfect replacement for plastic bags. They are definitely some real good props for Insta pics, too. Good books, analog cameras or a bunch of flowers are presented perfectly, while laying in the string bag. Likes guaranteed!


They have one disadvantage though: Small things like keys, lipsticks and chewing gum can easily fall through the cut-outs. But we can rely on our Insta girls as always, because they have the perfect solution. They just put a string bag over another bag an go for the bag-in-bag look. We are convinced!