Statement Tights – Give Us All The Colors You Have!

Who doesn’t remember Blair Waldorf’s (Leighton Meester) must-have wardrobe in „Gossip Girl“? Besides all sorts of different headbands she owned a lot, seriously a lot, of colorful tights. Just imagine someone walking around with those these days. Weird, huh? Not anymore, ladies! Because the „Gossip Girl“ -look ist back.


When it comes to leg clothing, fashionistas can now be colorful af. Though we have to admit, that the bright trend needs some time to get used to. At first sight it looks a bit over the top and almost childish. But it takes just some nice combination to become a modern eye-catcher.

If you want to dive into the special style, you should try out sober colors. Shades like bordeaux, forest green and dark blue are elegant and low-key at the same time. That’s why they are totally suitable for the daily grind and office days. Bold and brave fashion ladies though score with bold colors like yellow, pink, red or green. To make sure the look is not overdone, combine the tights with low-key pieces.


Or you can do it like Janka Polliani and go with the maximum of colors. A yellow turtleneck jumper and a caramel skirt weren’t enough for the blonde stylist. She topped everything with purple tights. Now that’s what you call a statement look!