So smart! Chiara Ferragni Built Up Her Own Preggo-Replacement

When it comes to your Instagram feed, you will never not see Chiara Ferragni. The Italian Blonde gained fame with her blog “The Blonde Salad”, owns a multi-million-dollar company and was named the most successful fashion influencer by “Forbes. That’s quite an accomplishment, we would say.

But it’s time for her to take some time-out and rest for a bit. The business lady is expecting her first child with Italian rapper Fedez. That’s why it will be more about diapers than front rows soon. If things get too busy at home, she has the perfect replacement. And who would be better to cover for her at fashion weeks and important events than her little sis Valentina, who almost looks exactly like her?


Chiaras mini-me is managed by her agency “The Blond Salad” since 2016 and presented as the new top influencer. It all makes sense: She is 25 years old and approaches a younger target group than her 30-year-old sister. She has 1,5 millions Insta followers by now and they love her playful and youthful style. So Valentina is increasing the reach of the whole Ferragni cosmos. But we have to wait and see, if the little sis can step out of the shadow of the self-made millionaire.

Her future doesn’t look bad. Valentina was already able to design her own collection for an Italian bikini brand. Next to her OOTDs it’s all about her cute couple pics with beau Luca Vezil, who works as an influencer, too. Whenever the pretty Italians post smooch photos, the fans seem to just love it.


But there are two other secret weapons, the Ferragnis have to offer. Francesca is the oldest of the sisters and actually works as a dentist. But she also has a certain affection for social media and likes to post pictures of dreamy holidays. Thereby she was able to gain more than 346.000 followers. And then there is the trios pretty mother Marina Di Guardo. She is an Internet personality, too, and works as a blogger and author. So that’s, what we call a family empire in the world of social media!