Shay Mitchell: From PLL-Star To Successful Travel Blogger

Almost 3 million youtube subscribers and 19,7 million Instagram followers – that’s what makes Shay Mitchell one of the top social media stars. Though everything began in the television industry.


Before the brunette became one of the top travel bloggers, she started as an actress. Since landing her leading role in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ in 2010 she gathered millions of ‘Mitchies’ (fans).. But after seven years the popular tv show announced the end of an era in 2017. And Shay knew how to make the most of her time.


She is one to be envied! The cute Canadian is living a life, other people are dreaming of. She travels the world, sleeps in expensive hotel beds, takes pics of the most beautiful sunsets, tries out new sports and hobbies, rocks every new make-up trend there is und wears brand-new designer clothes. But it feels like we are just by her side. Shay shares every experience with her fans and never forgets to post new stuff.


The quality of her posts is what differentiates her from thousands of other bloggers. When she jumps into the blue ocean, tans on a boat or kicks ass in a boxing studio – her videos are always professional and could be some arty short films. Oh and by the way: she looks like she is on her way to a „Vogue“ shooting every day. Her make-up is always on fleek. And who doens’t want to have her eyebrows? So it’s not a big surprise that her beauty tutorials are very popular, too.


And the girl has a rad style, too. Mostly she goes for sexy and shows a lot of skin, other times she is very elegant while flaunting a breathtaking dress – but there are also days, when she is just the girl next door, rocking skinny jeans and oversized shirts. We can’t get enough of her!