Shay Mitchell Goes Naked After Hitting 3M Subscribers

Followers seem to be the most precious thing you can have in the world of social media. They do not only make profitable deals possible, but they are also supporters, comforters and so much more.

That’s why a lot of influencers take part in the tradition of celebrating their own personal follower milestones with special posts. You sure have seen the most common option, the balloon pic. But even the most passionate subscriber can’t see those any more after the fifth lookalike photo. The pressure for Shay Mitchell to deliver after hitting three million YouTube subscribers was therefore pretty high.


What can we say? She smashed it! The actress posted an extraordinaire video on her channel in which she can be seen running through her neighbourhood wearing nothing more than a slip, white sneakers and a unicorn mask. Wowza! In the almost six minute long clip we also learn how the idea aroused. But the best thing about this video is not even Shays hot bod but the comments of her friend who filmed the spectacle. She obviously has the time of her life.


Unfortunately there are always haters where followers are. Some people confronted the actress with mean comments and harsh criticism. As usual Shay kept cool and let the haters hate. In her last post she writes: “Blocking out the haters (and the sun)”.


The beauty let’s nobody spoil her positivity, which makes her our monday muse. Good vibes only!