How To: The Perfect Feminine Office Style

Yes, pantsuits are a big thing right now. And yes, we can’t deny, that we are totally into them. But we have to admit, that we secretly gaze at other styles. There is a certain new trendy office look, that caught our attention.


 Who could own this look better than Annette Weber, fashion icon and former editor in chief at „InStyle Germany“? The journalist is rocking Instagram for years now and impresses us with her expertise and sense of style. We just can’t get enough of her OOTD’s – and especially not of a certain business outfit.

Annette wears a checked midi-skirt in combination with a black turtleneck longsleeve and white pumps with black socks. She completes the look with long earrings, large sunglasses, a chic designer bag and a trench coat. So bossy!


Sure, this outfit is an eye-catcher and proves that office-fashion doesn’t need to be stiff and boring. And the best thing about this style is: it let’s a boss lady shine bright and broadcast competence. And in the end that’s, what every woman desires – in the office and everyday life.