NYFW: Stefanie Giesinger Has To Adjust To A Totally Different Model Life

Stefanie Giesinger and Caro Daur are the two most successful jung women Germany hat to offer right now – at least when it comes to fashion and influencers. Brandmanagers high-five each other when they get one of the girls to be their testimonial.

In New York model life looks pretty different for Steffi as she is just one more beautiful girl with perfect measurements. So her days in the Big Apple are not really comparable to her daily life in Germany. If she wants a job during Fashion Week she has to go to the go sees like all her fellow model colleagues. No extra attention for Stefanie! At least that’s what she tells us in her Insta story. Hello, walk for us, bye!


Steffi is commuting via Taxi between Brooklyn and Manhattan, between casting and shooting. After a busy day she enjoys the New York party scene with Tess Hellfeuer and Suki Waterhouse.


We are pretty sure the former Germany’s Next Topmodel contestant is looking forward to coming home where she can be goofy with bestie Jannik. But: business before pleasure! And it’s obviously quite cool for ones ego to get jobs in New York! We are proud of our pretty export und celebrate her for her international success and ambition!

You can get her fluffy one-color-look in red below!