Is Nova Lana Love Single Again? These Hints Are Pretty Suspicious

When Ricardo Simonetti recently spilled that a good friends of his secretly got engaged, we immediately thought of Farina Opoku and DJ Yeezy. So we looked closely at their feeds in search of hints. But instead of a ring pic all signs pointed at a break-up! Or didn’t they? These two are confusing us so much right now!

Hint number one: (almost) all couple pics have been gone! Neither Farina nor Yeezy seemed to have posted pictures together in the last months although we know better. And while we are writing these lines, all the photos are popping back in their feeds! So instead of ultimately deleting them, both obviously just moved them into their Instagram archives.


Hint number two: As social media experts we know a little something about how influencer break-ups normally go down. Very common is the mutual de-following of each other on Instagram. While we couldn’t find the two in their subscribers just yesterday, they seem to follow each other again today.

Hint number 3: Most of us would stay at home crying in our beds after a break-up, but that is nothing bloggers can easily do. They have paid cooperations that they have to pull off no matter how they feel. That’s why there wasn’t any silence around Farina in the last days. Nevertheless she seemed to be down and almost a little tearstained.


It doesn’t look like they separated (Effective: February, 7. 11:11 o’clock. We don’t know what happens till tomorrow) after all. The couple probably just had a major fight und already reconciled. We still wonder about their tactic to just hide – not delete – their pics together. Was all of this planned? Do they announce their engagement with a big bang soon? We can’t wait to declutter this messy situation!