Leo And Stripes? How To Mismatch In Style

What does not fit, is made to fit. That’s how it’s done, when you get into the mismatch trend. Just rely on your phantasy and start mixing at least two patterns and colors. You can choose, whatever you feel like flaunting – but there is one important rule to follow.


Polkadots and floral patterns, paisley and checks, leo prints and stripes – it feels like arbitraryly throwing patterns together. But it is not like that. There is a certain idea behind it. In both variations there should always be one similar color. That is, what makes the whole outfit harmonic and on point.


Still a mismatch freshman? Then try out low-key patterns first and combine two different striped pieces for example. Bold fashionistas play with leo and florals to make their stylings shine bright. Now get inspired by the popular influencer ladies, who rocked the trend first.


No fashion week and no streetstyle without a mix of patterns. Some people might need their time to get used to it, but it is already a big thing in the Insta scene. Okay, if Caro Daur, Nina Suess and Emili Sindlev are mismatch-fans, we are so more than ever!