Instagram x Reality-TV: Xenia Overdose Shows Fashion Week Chaos

The life of successful influencers is something, normal people can only dream of. They explore the world, wear fancy designer clothes and are invited to the most important fashion shows. But behind the scenes it can be totally different and hectic, which is shown by Xenia Overdose now. And let us tell you, it looks more like drama than pure fashion happiness!

What seems like the perfect lifestyle on Instagram, can be hard work, too. The blonde didn’t want to hide that side of the business from her fans, so she published a Youtube video showing her crazy routine during Milan fashion week. “This job isn’t just glitter and gold and I want to work hard to give you the most realistic insights”, she commented her vlog.


Let’s talk about the chaos in her luxurious hotel room. You could see shoes, dresses and bags laying around everywhere. Actually she had six suitcases with her!(!!) So it wasn’t easy to control the whole outfit situation. And at the end of the day she had too much of everything – but no cozy winter jacket. Xenia didn’t think, that it was gonna be THAT cold in Italy’s fashion capital. So she had to freeze between shows, fittings and outdoor shootings.


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Furthermore she also didn’t plan and organize correctly. That’s why she didn’t have time to breath at one point. She was driving from show to show, from fitting to fitting and had to change outfits in her car in between. The influencer felt so much under pressure, that she started to have an attitude against her boyfriend Jürgen and her buddy Oscar, who shoots her videos. Next to their busy agenda they argued all the time. “When I am under so much pressure, I can’t be lovely, the best version of myself and nice. I was very mean and I felt bad about it”, Xenia admitted.


Yeah, it was stressful. But in the end it was still a successful fashion week, where the blogger learned a lot, as she says. So now she is back working on her perfect Insta feed, while her fans can see for themselves and check out the beayties fashion week chaos. Xenia: “I want to show, that there is a lot work, pressure, tears, arguments and sleepless nights behind it. But I made it.”