French Retro Chic: Get Blair Eadies Look

Just imagine a mix of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Blair Waldorf and Carla Bruni. The outcome would be Blair Eadie, for sure. The blogger has caught our attention, because she is doing something different in the fashion world and knows how to shine in a Insta feed full of street wear. No hype sneakers, no oversize sweaters and no cut-out jeans – instead she delights with a feminine, classic and elegant style, which is based on a special touch of retro. 


Blair perfectly embodies, what you call the Paris chic. Paris ist a good keyword by the way – you could assume, that the pretty blonde has roots in the capital of fashion. It almost seems like she was born with that certain sense of French fashion. But nuh-uh, Blair is not a French lady but an US-American girl, who exactly knows, what aesthetics mean. 


No matter, what she is wearing, she always looks posh and glamorous. Messy hair days are not her thing, imprudent outfits neither. She love berets, a-line skirts, high-heels and sometimes classic slippers, too. Most of the times she thinks of a certain color scheme or a trend and creates her OOTD based on that. The result: a piece of art, what we would call it.


She began her fashion career at “Gap”, which is known for its basic pieces and denim collections. The label represents everything, what Blair doesn’t. So it makes total sense, that she startet her own business and made it to one of the most successful influencers by now – and one of the most elegant. Très chic, Blair!