Copy Cat Kim K.: Did She Steal This Photo Idea From Sarina Nowak?

Kim Kardashian knows how to rule social media. She is the epitome of sex sells. The wife of rapper Kanye Wests seasons her feed with a lot of half naked shots in between pics from her looks oder her make-up. No matter whether she posts sexy selfies or professional shooting material, she will be talked about.


Let’s be honst: by now we have seen everything on Instagram. No pose, no trend can surprise us anymore. But sometimes copies can be seen as a form of compliment. Nevertheless we are suprised by who Kim Kardashian got inspired for one of her latest shots.


Only dressed in an oversize jeans jacket and gold nacklaces Kimmy is pushing her boobs into the right angle – Hey there, décolleté close-up! The reality tv queen is sporting gold and diamond jewellery between her upper front teeth.


This detail is obviously missing in the original, but despite this lack of dental accessories the resemblance unmistakable. The German plus size model Sarina Nowak posted almost the same picture – in November last year! As a matter of fact we would have guessed Sarina to be the copy cat in this case, but coincidentally Kim drew attention to her curves in the exact same way like the blonde just a few days ago.


Sure, this can all be a big coincident. Sarina has obviously not been the first one to ever pose this way. However there is a connection between the two. Kim could have noticed Sarina, who is currently living in Los Angeles, when the model worked for Khloe Kardashians jeans label Good American.