We Can't Get Bucket Hats Out Of Our Heads

Out favorite influencer ladies can’t get enough of trendy headgear for while now. Cute berets and low-key baker boy hats can be seen in almost every Insta feed. While we are still digging them a lot, they could be soon pushed from the fashion throne.

Because bucket hats are back and they came to stay. Some of you probably remember the hats, which look like pails, from back in the days, when they were the hottest thing in school. Others know them as functional accessories, worn by fishermen. And now a lot of fashionistas are falling in love with them, too, and combine the 90s comeback with streetwear clothes and elegant outfits.


For stylist Emili Sindlev it’s all about feminine and playful looks. So she combines a bucket hat, embellished with florals and cords, with a colorful sweater, straight pants and pointed high heels. Insta pal Feng Fan seems to have a thing for retro styles and inspires her followers with a red felty bucket hat in combination with matrix sunglasses and a bright blue turtleneck sweater. German internet star Caro Daur has fallen for the trend, too. She is actually known for her chic and elegant styles. But this time she is trying out a hip hop inspired look. She wears a black bucket hat, an oversized sweater, skinny jeans, boots and XL creoles. 

Who would have thought, that those special bucket hats are that versatile? We are for sure excited about some variety when it comes to headgear!