Babymoon Goals: How Bonnie Strange Is Making Us All Jelly

Pregnant it-girl Bonnie Strange proves, that being a mom can be sooo beautiful while chilling in Los Angeles. Sure, why should you freeze in cold Germany, when you can enjoy the Californian sun? That’s what we call #lifegoals!


The pretty blonde ist hanging out in the city of angels for a few weeks now. And she is obviously having the best time there. When you check her Insta feed, you can see her dipping in the pool, posing in the sunshine and relaxing. But the mom-to-be especially loves to treat herself with some yummy food: vegan ice-cream, pizza, strawberries and cookies. Well, we couldn’t resist either. 



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So Bonnie ist enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest – but never alone. Her bff Valentina Belezza came all the way to the US to visit her. After a few fun girls nights it is now time for some cuddling and loving. Because her boo Leebo Stampede is in L.A. too – and so they can expect their first child together. In the Californian sun, of course.


baby blue is my favorite color 💗 and baby grows every second 🙀🙃🙈 #mom

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Bonnie Strange (@bonniestrange) am

We just can’t take how good looking those parents-to-be are. So it’s not a big surprise that their fans are obsessing over a couple pic, that’s just too cute to be true. While Leebo rocks his signature London look, Bonnie slays with her playful Lolita style. We gotta say: pregnancy really makes her shine.


Okay, just imagine what kind of outfits this child will be wearing, when the parents are so freaking fashionable. Oh and by the way: it could be a boy. Bonnie did post a lot of blue outfits lately – and she revealed that baby-blue ist her favorite color. This totally could be a hint.

For now Bonnie has to say goodbye to one of the shades of blue: the Californian sky. The beauty has arrived back home.